Relax we have you covered

Step 1

Site Assessment (Pre Installation)

Prior to scheduling an installation appointment, we may carry out a brief site visit to assess the scope of work and confirm a clear line of sight to the nearest base station or Point of Presence (PoP).


The site survey will allow your technician to measure the signal strength and determine the equipment that is best suited for your location and needs. At this time, there may be an opportunity to address any questions about our service offerings. 


Step 2

Rooftop Installation

After the survey of your home, the installation of our fixed wireless system only involves a few pieces of equipment. The setup requires the installation of a small roof mount that hosts an antenna at the customer location.

This device is then configured to communicate with the closest PoP. Your technician will complete a precise alignment that will ensure that the strongest, most reliable signal is achieved.

Step 3

Neat and Tidy

From the rooftop receiver, an Ethernet cable carries the signal down the side of the house where it can enter through a small hole, generally the same hole of the incumbent provider. 

We run the cable in as inconspicuous a manner as possible and try to route it along any existing services or home installations.

We really only need you at he beginning and the end, again at this time we'd be happy to answer any questions.

Clean Modern Desk

Step 4

We have you covered

The cable will be discreetly connected to all the necessary hardware. The system will be checked for proper performance and you will be up and running.

We will finish setting up one wireless access point and may assist with your new WiFi network according to your arrangement.

All this takes only a couple of hours and soon enough you will become familiar with a first rate Internet experience.

Still have more questions?  See our FAQ