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Neighborhood by neighborhood, town by town

As each customer joins the network it becomes stronger and more resilient. This approach creates a mesh network with redundancy and allows us to extend out access to a high speed connection with very few actual sites requiring a direct fiber source. For many it brings within reach an effective and affordable way to bridge the last mile gap in underserved communities. A new choice for fiber caliber speeds with a community spirit at heart.


What is Fixed Wireless Broadband? 

Fixed wireless broadband is a type of high-speed internet access where service providers connect subscribers to the internet using wireless radio signals rather than cables. Fixed wireless technology is designed specifically to extend fiber and wireline network investments, enabling subscribers in both urban and suburban areas, as well as those in rural locations, to attain speeds of 100-500+ Mbps, with gigabit-capable access points.


How Does a Fixed Wireless Network Work? 

Fixed wireless networks deliver rock-solid reliability, and are high performance—delivering fiber grade speeds that outperform traditional DSL and cable services with more competitive prices and much quicker installation times. With these inherent advantages, along with the fact that they are easy-to-maintain, fixed wireless broadband solutions will be critical to meet the growing connectivity demand at an affordable price for subscribers.


Our Network Design 

Over the last few years wireless technology has gotten more powerful and responsive, yet smaller and more refined. Until recently, the full scope of these advances have really only been seen firsthand in the amazing progression of the ubiquitous smartphone. But this cutting edge technology can be taken advantage of to greatly impact the way broadband services are delivered to the home. Using next generation wireless hardware, incorporating microwave & MMwave technology in conjunction with recently released wireless bands higher in the spectrum is our way to rethink the solution. We believe this combination can be used  to finally deliver wireless data speeds on par with wireline connections.

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