Digital Home Phone


Our home phone gives you the power to connect AND save. It provides the features of traditional residential phone service plus all of the latest features you need to be more productive. Stay connected with your family and friends, but without the worry of paying extra for long distance. Also a great way to help save money on your mobile phone service.

An Affordable Home Phone for Everyone

A perfect cord cutting tool! Use our latest wireless technology to eliminate expensive legacy phone plans without sacrificing access to quality and feature-rich voice services.

Included features

  • unlimited incoming calls

  • unlimited calls to all provinces

  • unlimited calls to continental USA

  • call waiting

  • callerID

  • advanced voicemail

  • voicemail to email

  • 3 way calling

  • call forwarding

  • repeat dialing

Available for You

Local Number Porting

Keep your current phone number!

Inexpensive International Calling

Inquire about Rates!

Multiple Lines 

Toll-Free Numbers

With High-Speed Internet already in place you can add a digital home phone line at any time

Just $14.99/mo

*Above pricing reflects bundled price. 

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