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Building Rural Solutions Through Innovation

BigWifi provides a hybrid solution of fiber and fixed wireless to bring fast and reliable broadband internet to your community. Our hybrid system is much faster than DSL, satellite, and cellular LTE, and is very low latency. Click here for how it works

The fixed wireless system is much faster to deploy than fiber cable, and much less disruptive as it does not involve digging up the streets or moving lines on poles.

It allows cost-effective internet to be delivered at the speeds you deserve. 

Residential Services

We want to deliver your household the highest quality Internet experience possible. Fast streaming, stress free applications and lag free gaming.  


Unlimited data, no usage caps, overage charges or throttling of speeds. We offer a variety of services and significant savings on combinations thereof. We are the perfect cord cutting solution.

Business Services

Do you need a faster business connection?

When it comes to business, in order to compete and grow, you need fast and dependable internet service.

Facing Internet challenges can make building a business hard. We provide sophisticated and custom solutions that allow your business to succeed. 

Faster speeds than DSL and lower cost than cable Internet from a reliable local provider.

How it works

A wireless network that provides access to truly high-speed internet

Instead of providing internet through cables in the ground, we install a small radio on your roof that wirelessly connects you to high speed fiber.

We are using breakthrough 5G wireless hardware to expand the reach of our fiber source and get more people online at faster speeds. We want to deliver the modern internet experience in an affordable package, without lengthy and disruptive construction projects.

When a subscriber joins our service, their home or business will wirelessly receive an optimized signal from a line of sight access point nearby. This very same equipment can also be designed to relay signals to other homes, expanding coverage and access to their neighbors. Learn more

How to get setup

Getting connected is fast and easy

A few quick questions and scheduling an appointment is straightforward. The process of installation is simple and painless and is complete in a few hours.  Learn more

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BigWifi     Mercku

A Powerful Combination

The World's most powerful WiFi is now here! This pair delivers a blazing fast connection in every room of your home. Every area of the home receives the same amazing level of coverage. Pause any connected device with an App.


 Residential Internet Upgrade Plans

 Save $15/plan when you bundle Big Energy             TV & Phone packages starting at $25/month       

*Lower rates available for apartment residents. Please contact us directly. 


 Business Internet Upgrade Plans

      **Above pricing reflects 2 yr. contract. Save 10% when paid in advance         ~Equipment included   

 ~Save $25/plan when you bundle Big Energy     **Site Assessment Required