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89 cents

Per GJ of Natural Gas usage

1 cent 

Per KWH of Electricity

Bundle and receive our wholesale cost plus:

Big Energy clients receive exclusive bundling discounts for all

Big Wifi services            

Energy Plans

We sell the same electricity and natural gas, through the same lines as everyone else but we are getting you wholesale pricing. This means that you’ll pay the real WHOLESALE market price for the electricity and gas that you use. No high fixed rates with hidden retailer profit margins. With energy markets at historic lows, we are committed to passing this value directly on to you! It’s straight forward and fair; and here’s the exciting bit – our charges are only 1¢ per kWh and 89¢ per GJ consumed. With only 10 days notice to get out, at any time, without any penalties, its a great opportunity to combine all your services and save. 


The floating rate method has historically cost Albertans' less then fixed rate plans. The current wholesale price plus our price above does not include delivery charges from your local distributor. Metering fee $6.49 per service. No contract required. Check out the Utilities Consumer Advocate for further information on understanding your bill and the energy retail market in our province.

Simplify Your Bills

Switching energy providers is easy and all the work behind the scenes is handled for you. After a few quick questions on our sign up form, your service will be automatically transferred on the selected date. There is no disruption to your service, and we handle disconnecting your current provider. 


  • Big Savings

  • Wholesale Prices

  • No Cancellation Fees

  • No Hidden Fees

Current Rates available with bundles:

$5.8 cents/kwh  &  $2.20/gj

    **Updated for October 2020

25% Off

 Big Energy retail electricity

Do you own a plug-in-hybrid?

Big Energy is the go-to for EV owners

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