Fast, Reliable, Affordable. 

Easy, Always Unlimited.


We are a local company that provides flexible and reliable solutions tailored to suit your lifestyle and provide internet services that you really want. Our company can provide all your residential services in one affordable package. We believe reasonably priced internet speed, connection quality and excellent customer service should be available to everyone.
We connect on all Shaw cable & Telus phone lines already in your home.

BigWifi     Mercku

A Powerful Combination

The World's most powerful WiFi is now here! This pair delivers a blazing fast connection in every room of your home. Every area of the home receives the same amazing level of coverage. Pause any connected device with an App.


City Plans


2-3 people

20 Mbps down

3 Mbps up


4-6  people

30 Mbps down

5 Mbps up


5-7  people

75 Mbps down

10 Mbps up


Heavy Users and Gaming

150 Mbps down

20 Mbps up


High Demanding Household

300 Mbps down

20 Mbps up

Always Unlimited Data!

(Regular bundled prices shown)


TIP: You only need 4 Mbps for Netflix

Most providers will lead you to buy the most expensive fastest plan they have, however, what do you really need? If you only stream TV and browse social media and the web.You hardly need any speed at all! 

90% of customers experiencing slow internet, are actually suffering from poor Wi-Fi and NOT slow internet. Our techs will fix your slow Wi-Fi and reduce your bills at the same time! We understand it can be complicated, so start with the smaller priced plans and you may be surprised what proper Wi-Fi can do! 

Home Networks

Big Wifi can provide Wi-Fi coverage in every room of your home. Using proprietary technologies, we can bring Wi-Fi signal to every corner with Mercku mesh or hard wiring Cat 6 ethernet jacks.

Too much Wi-Fi noise is the cause of most speed loss and drop outs experienced in most city homes. Big Wifi offers full network install services to plug in your game system, laptop, TV or other devices, to free up Wi-Fi for your tablets, cameras and phones.