Are You Prepared for a New Internet Experience?

Who We Are

Simple Ingenuity

Much of our province is stuck with a monopoly provider or has no option for high speed access at all.

At Big Wifi, we’re rethinking the problem from scratch – building a high-speed network powered by local connections. We use next generation 5G hardware to connect more people at faster speeds, without requiring lengthy, disruptive and costly construction projects.

For many neighborhoods, this means a radically better way to get online. And we’re passionate about helpful and authentic client service, setting a refreshingly high standard for customer care. As a company, we’re dedicated to doing right for the communities we serve.

Our story

We were founded on a Big idea and built from the ground Up

Big Wifi Inc. was started in 2017 to be a competitive internet service provider (ISP) specializing in hard to reach rural and urban clients. We saw a void in the industry and knew that simple ingenuity could not just fill it, but far exceed anyone’s expectations.

We are dedicated to bringing the modern internet experience to those that are underserved and dramatically changing the landscape by giving people the freedom of competitive choice. We believe dependable and equitable access is the key to growth and discovery.


We strive to bring accessible, affordable connectivity with client-focused policies to everyone in the areas we serve. Big Wifi's hybrid rural solutions are designed to transform the way our clients communicate, collaborate and work.


Powering local connections with creative solutions

We pride ourselves on being scrappy and clever, unconventional and innovative, and most of all determined. We have learned to rely on simple ingenuity and design where others have deemed service too challenging.

We were founded on a big idea and built from humble beginnings — not a legacy telecom provider spin-off. We believe in an approach that is agile and locally focused. From the beginning, our mission has been more than profit, neighborhood by neighborhood, town by town we want our service to power connectivity all while having a community spirit at heart. 


We believe modern connectivity is powerful, first rate internet access is essential, and competitive choice is important

We are dedicated to bringing the modern internet experience to those that are underserved. We strive to bring fast, dependable, and affordable internet to everyone in the areas we service. Our team is locally focused and we offer a solution that has a community spirit at heart.

We’re All In This Together

Our team is dedicated and empowered to create something amazing from the ground up. We have fun, spark creativity and innovation in our team members and work hard while doing it. We are differentiated from our competition not just by our state-of-the-art technology, but also by our commitment to providing outstanding client service and the access they deserve. We're fast, friendly and here for you.